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About Us

About Us


We resurface; porcelain, steel and fiberglass bathtubs; showers; wall tile; countertops. We offer color changes from old dated tile, bathtubs and showers. We can repair cracks & chips, and fiberglass tub and shower bottoms. We install acrylic bathtubs and shower liners.

We only use the best materials available on the market and we never skip steps in the installation of our products. We are confident in our products and services that we stand behind our installations with a written warranty not a verbal one. All of our technicians are factory certified in re-glazing.

Our warranty

We warranty our work against cracking or peeling from the date of completion for five (5) years or two (2) service calls, whichever comes first. Chip repair work comes with a 90 day warranty. If fixtures do require a touch-up and fall within the limits of this warranty, all work and material will be supplied at no cost to you.

The warranty is not in force if:

  • Suction-cup bathmats pillows, soap dishes or similar are not to be used on the tub. Finer Finish offers an anti-slip surface as a viable alternate.

  • Customers may not use Comet, Ajax, Kaboom or other abrasive cleaners, acids, toilet bowl cleaners or any product not designed specifically for bathroom fixture cleaning. 

  • Customers may not use scrubbing sponges, steel wool, sandpaper or other gritty object is used to clean the fixture.

  • The tub is used within 12 hours after the refinishing process is completed. Countertops require 48 hours bfore use.

  • Customer uses tools, ladders or other heavy objects in the tub, or dropped on the tub, or knocked against it.

  • Constant dripping from leaking pipes.

  • Caulking is not covered by warranty.

Please use non-abrasive cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Tub & Tile, Mr. Clean Eraser or Dawn Dish Soap. This will protect your new finish. Using a clear car wax will make cleaning your tub easy and help protect your new finish. Do not wax the bottom of the tub as this may cause you to slip and fall. 

Finer Finish is not responsible for dust particles that may fall into the tub while the new finish is drying, and is not responsible for any damage caused by the removal of tape. However, all possible precautions will be taken to prevent this from happening.


Failure to follow care and maintenance instructions will void this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable.


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We are fully licensed and insured.


Payment Terms


Visa, Mastercard, cash and personal checks are accepted. All payments are due at the completion of the job unless an account has been approved. All accounts are due within 30 days of completion. Interest, late fees, collection fees, and legal fees will be added to any past due invoices.